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Sheltering Home: Parsley Scone Part 1
Sheltering Home
Parsley Scone (Jake X Reader)
Part 1
You literally slipped into the vet center of the shelter behind Beth. Apparently she had been mopping a minute ago, if the spilled bucket of soapy water was any indication. Or maybe she was just trying to kill you. Who knows?
Shaking off this weird thought, you turned your attention back to your bouncy friend, who was already darting over to the wall of cages that lined the back. She quickly beckoned you over, excitement shining in her eyes.
"Come on, come on, come on! You've gotta meet him, he's like, the totally perfect pet for you. I mean, he's kinda bit expensive to keep around, but I think you've got that covered, right? Besides, he's got this weird attitude that'll totally make him fit in at your house. He's also like, super cute, which is super awesome, right?" She rambled.
You raised an eyebrow at her enthusiasm, but didn't bother to even try interrupting her. Still, it was kind of... well, worrying. The last time she'd been
:iconascendingdecendant:ascendingDecendant 94 41
Commission: Quadrants (Dancestors X Reader)
Commission for  MistressSuki92
Dancestors X Reader
People always say "don't be afraid of death".
"{Name}! Watch out!"
Death's something that happens to everyone. It's a sad fact, but one that nonetheless true. Still, trying to not be afraid of dying is a pretty hard thing to do.
"Ah-! J-just leave me! You've got to beat- !"
Especially when you have to watch your friends go up against something you're not even sure they'll survive.
"{Name}? Oh god, {Name}!"
Dying, no matter how you slice it, starts out terrifying. But that's where death gets weird...
After a while, when your body starts going numb...
"D-don't try to move! You're gonna be alright! You're gonna be-"
You just kind of stop caring.
"Andy, it's not nice to lie... My dreamself's already dead; there's no coming back this time."
"But we could get you to your questbed, th-then you'd be fine!"
"Heh, that slab of stone's too far away. S-sorry Andy, this time
:iconascendingdecendant:ascendingDecendant 75 17
Sheltering Home: Apple Juice Part 1
Sheltering Home
Apple Juice (Dave X Reader)
Part 1
As soon as you had stumbled through the door, Beth hid behind a shelf and beckoned you over. You joined her, a confused frown creasing your face. She gestured for you to be quiet, then pointed through the shelf.
There, carefully stacking cans of pet food, was a boy. He was dressed in the Animal Shelter uniform and looked to be around Beth's age. After staring at him blankly for a minute, you turned to Beth.
She squirmed uncomfortably under your intense stare. "His name's Bart, and he's my new co-worker! He just showed up today and I don't know what to do around him!" she hissed.
You glanced back at the boy, before bursting into a fit of quiet giggles. Beth shoved her hand over your mouth. Apparently she didn't silence you soon enough, because a moment later Bart had appeared beside you.
He raised an eyebrow curiously. "Oh, hullo Beth. I didn't know your... friend was visiting. Sorry to intrude." he apologized.
Beth's face turned cherry
:iconascendingdecendant:ascendingDecendant 235 57
Sheltering Home: Blueberry Bliss Part 1
Sheltering Home (John X Reader)
Blueberry Bliss
Part 1
You stumbled into the animal inspecion area and groaned. Beth had a flair for being dramatic, but she didn’t need to drag you around so hard that you couldn’t walk yourself!
Your friend skipped over to a bird cage and beckoned you over. You sighed, and joined her. Inside the cage was a blue jay, with strange black markings around his eyes. Now, apart from Dave, you weren’t particularly fond of birds, much less empathic towards them. However, you could tell that the little guy was scared.
You shook your head a bit. “He looks like a dork.” You said, referring to the black markings that looked like large, square glasses.
Beth laughed, while the bird gave you an offended look. “He does! He is such a little dork!” Beth squealed.
You rolled your eyes. Beth was way too tickled with this. “So what’s the big deal? I mean, he’s just a bird.” You said with a shrug.
Beth gaped a
:iconascendingdecendant:ascendingDecendant 169 42
Sheltering Home: Grape Soda Part 1
Sheltering Home (Gamzee X Reader)
Grape Soda
Part 1
Beth froze in the doorway, obviously confused. “Uh, well, he was here earlier… I’ll just go find him…” she muttered. You raised an eyebrow, but joined her search.
“So who exactly are we looking for?” you asked after a moment.
“Um, let’s just say you’ll know him when you see him. He’s… unique.” Beth answered evasively.
You rolled your eyes. A soft honking grabbed your attention and you paused. What was that? Honk. There it was again! You headed towards the sound, curious.
As you bent over an empty cage, something suddenly attached to your head with a happy honk. You jumped and wrenched the thing from your head. Large purple eyes blinked up at you.
The thing kind of resembled a grub, or at least its body did, though it was about the size of a baby. It was a fairly bright purple/indigo color and he had six stubby little legs. However, it also had a gr
:iconascendingdecendant:ascendingDecendant 229 86
Sheltering Home: Blackberry Hearts Part 1
Sheltering Home (Equius X Reader)
Blackberry Hearts
Part 1
Beth gestured at one of the cages silently. It was obviously meant to hold the more violent animals, but even then it was bent. You hesitantly knelt in front of it and gasped.
Inside was a strange, strange thing. It had the body of a dark blue grub, but the head was of a grey humanoid. It also had… horns. It glared at you defiantly and let out an angry shriek.
You fell back in shock, spluttering all the way. Beth giggled at your reaction. “He doesn’t like being in the cage, but I couldn’t leave him out.” She said.
You stared at her in shock for a few minutes, still trying to process what you were seeing. “What is he?” you whispered.
Beth shrugged lightly. “A grub, or at least that’s what the letter he came with said. He showed up at the door today in a picnic basket with a letter. But all the letter said was that he was a grub and he needed a home. Since your folks are away
:iconascendingdecendant:ascendingDecendant 152 30
Sheltering Home: Honey Tea Part 1
Sheltering Home (Sollux X Reader)
Honey Tea
Part 1
Beth pointed you to a small cat carrier and sighed. “He’s in time out right now. He threw a bit of a temper tantrum, and…” She held up a bandaged finger to convey her meaning.
You raised an eyebrow. Was this supposed to be encouraging you to adopt this guy? You knelt in front of the carrier and peered in.
A strange grub like creature glared back at you. His body was a rather bright yellow, but his humanoid head was grey, with messy black hair sticking up. He had two pairs of horns, and if that wasn’t weird enough, he had mismatched red and blue eyes.
The two of you stared at each other for a moment, before you turned to Beth, too shocked to speak. She rubbed the back of her neck awkwardly and forced herself to laugh.
“He sure looks weird, huh? Anyway, he’s a grub, and he needs a home. You’ve got room and no parents to stop you, so think you can take care of him? At least until I find a m
:iconascendingdecendant:ascendingDecendant 230 58
Sheltering Home: Tomato Blush Part 1
Sheltering Home (Kankri X Reader)
Tomato Blush
Part 1
Beth paused in the doorway and glanced at you. “I’ve got to warn you, this little guy’s kinda loud and long winded. But he’s well behaved, so keep that in mind when I introduce you, okay?” she pleaded.
You raised an eyebrow. She almost sounded desperate for you to give this thing a chance. That didn’t bode well. The last time she had sounded this desperate was when she handed Dave over to you. You shuddered at the memory of your first encounter with the sassy and ironic bird.
Let’s just say that you learned to never touch his bad wing.
“Ok, let’s get this over with then.” You muttered.
Beth nodded and pushed the door open. She led you over to a small pen and gestured at a blanket. A small quivering mass was hiding under it, occasionally making soft whimpering noises.
You hesitantly removed the blanket and gaped at the creature that was cowering under it. The
:iconascendingdecendant:ascendingDecendant 234 53
Sheltering Home: Strawberry Surprise Part 1
Sheltering Home (Karkat X Reader)
Strawberry Surprise
Part 1
Beth led you to the room that new animals waited in while they were checked for health and such. She quickly pulled you over to the exercise pen, and pointed at… something.
You couldn’t suppress a gasp at the things appearance. It sort of looked like a grub, but it had a human like head. The body was a vibrant red, while the head was grey. It had a mess of fluffy black hair, solid red eyes and little nubby horns that reminded you of candy corn.
“Beth, what the hell is that?” you breathed. Beside you, Beth shrugged.
“I honestly have no idea. He showed up in a padlocked picnic basket this morning. Padlocked! There was a note, but it doesn’t say much… Just that this little guy needs a home really badly. It also mentions that he’s a bit of a grumpy-pants. It just calls him ‘grub’ though, so I’m not sure what the heck he is.” She said.
You gave her an incred
:iconascendingdecendant:ascendingDecendant 286 25
Sheltering Home: Violet Candy Part 1
Sheltering Home (Eridan X Reader)
Violet Candy
Part 1
Beth skipped over to a large fish tank and beckoned you over. You frowned at her. “Since when does the Animal Shelter take care of fish?” you asked.
Beth rolled her eyes. “Actually, this was supposed to be a lizard tank. But then this guy showed up and I had to put him in a pen but I didn’t think he’d be very happy in one of the normal cages, so I filled this thing up and plopped him in. Come on, he’s just hiding behind this rock.” She said.
As you approached, the thing swam into view. It had a violet, grub-like body with six stubby little legs. It also had a grey humanoid head, with two fin-like protrusions where ears should be, lightning bolt shaped horns, and a mess of black hair with a violet streak. It glared at you and grumbled a bit, releasing a stream of bubbles from its mouth.
You started and gaped at Beth. “What is that?!” you demanded.
Beth shrugged. “The letter
:iconascendingdecendant:ascendingDecendant 206 22
Sheltering Home (Homestuck x Reader) Introduction
Sheltering Home (Homestuck x Reader)
You sat in your bed, staring at the clock. It was only 7:23, and the Saturday before winter break. You were alone in your house, since your dad was somewhere in England researching some long-forgotten chapel for his newest book and your mother was touring the country, performing the latest surgery in front of expectant medical students.
You were fairly used to this though; your parents would often disappear for months at a time. It used to be a pain, but now that you were sixteen and in possession of your own driver’s license, you found you can deal. However, it was lonely.
That’s probably why you adopted so many animals from the local animal shelter. Well, that and the fact that your best friend worked there. Beth was 18, and had somehow managed to become the entire weekend staff at the shelter. She would always call you up with some poor animal that was about to be put down and beg you to adopt them.
Since you had both an
:iconascendingdecendant:ascendingDecendant 540 138
Mature content
Eridan X Reader: Princes Save Princesses :icon19837:19837 122 57
Maid and Masters: VantasXReader
====> Vantas
You decide to go to the Vantas grouping first, because, heck- you heard the grey ones shouting, and you were worried that there was going to be a mess as soon as he stepped in there. Carefully, you make your way down the hall- oh yup you hear them. Instead of the angry yelling you expected, you heard a speech- but, no, oh no. It was a casual conversation that Kankri was- oh wait, you aren’t supposed to know this.
SHHH, reader…. Calm your little head and worry about cleaning… You don’t know their names… Shhh…..
Anyways, here is what you hear:
“N9w I realize we've 6een at this f9r s9me time already, 6ut at the risk 9f derailing the dial9gue y9u initiated, and may I just say h9w thrilled I am that y9u did, Karkat, I w9uld just like qualify my entire analysis 9f y9ur "Alternian culture" 6y saying that in c9ntrast with life 9n 6ef9rus, while y9ur pe9ple may have 6een engaged in vi9lent, lethal class struggle f9r milli9ns 9f sweep
:icon19837:19837 438 303
(Male!HomestuckXMaid!Reader) Maid and Masters
                Maid!Reader x Homestuck Boys (Including Gender bent trolls/humans girls {Meaning they’re guys now})
You were _____ _____, and you work as a maid for this one house. It doesn’t matter if the owner of this house leaves, or if it’s a different owner. It’s just this house. Err, well, the house would be better described as a mansion, seeing that it had 16 master bedrooms, a servants chamber, and then seven bathrooms, not counting the one in the servants chamber.You, lived in that chamber. Now, a couple of months ago, you’re old master left you and this house behind. Now, only a week later, 32 boys were moving in, two per each room. Before they came, you were ordered to label each door with the last names. Apparently, they were all brothers? Or, no- it was the two that shared a room were brothers. Well, each two, to be exact. But right now, you’re rambling. And you h
:icon19837:19837 318 283
Dave Strider x Reader-A Genuine Smile
You knocked on the door of the top apartment, waiting for your friend to get to it. Dave had pestered you and said he had something to show you, so you had come over as fast as you could.
"Coming!" Your heart fluttered at the sound of his voice. You had told yourself you would never fall for someone like him, but here you were, love-struck over a Strider.
He opened the door, shades on as usual.
"Hey, _____." He pulled you over to his turntables and sat you in a chair.
"So, you wanna hear some new mixes I made?" He asked.
"Yeah, but couldn't you have just sent them to me?"
"Well, I wanted to see y-never mind." He said.
"Oh, okay then. Can I hear them?" He nodded, smiled and-
Hold up.
Stop the fucking presses.
Did the oh-so-cool Dave Strider just show emotion?(you knew you were exaggerating, but it was fun being overly-dramatic.)
"Strider!" He turned to look at you.
"Did you just smile? As in genuinely smile." He scoffed.
"Pfft, 'course not." His poker face was back.
"Okay t
:iconquinntheconqueror:QuinntheConqueror 419 263
Dirk x Reader: Always Here to say I Love You
182 times he had whispered those words in your ear before he got too caught up in the music.
182 times he had told you he loved you.
You had always felt lonely and neglected when you were younger, until Dirk came along and made you feel better. You were so happy when he asked you to be his girlfriend, and immediately responded with a 'Yes!'. You two were in a happy, loving relationship for a while after that. The music-lover was quite popular on the internet, with a good amount of fans. All of them knew the happy girl who loved him with all of her heart.
But lately, Dirk had been seeming rather distant. No longer was he there to hold you and comfort you when the painful pangs of loneliness hit once again. Hugs and kisses that had once been frequent had faded, and you could barely remember the last time you and your lover had any sort of contact. The most you saw of him now was looking down at him from the loft bedroom of your apartment, his silhouette dark against the light of the
:iconquinntheconqueror:QuinntheConqueror 404 149


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